Big(ger) Girl Crib

by Papa K on August 30, 2009

On Saturday night Maile hit another big milestone – she moved out. Well, out of our bedroom that is. Since she came home from the hospital, Maile had been sleeping in our room. She spent the first couple nights in our bed and then transitioned over to a Pack N’ Play we set up. It worked out well, especially when Chris was getting up every couple hours to feed Maile. The con was that Maile is actually a noisy sleeper – I wouldn’t really call it snoring, more like grunting.We sleep pretty soundly so it didn’t bother us too much, but I’m sure we’ll sleep a bit better with out the baby chainsaw cranking away in the wee hours of the morning.

Now that she’s sleeping longer (4-5 hours at a clip most nights), we thought it was time for her to check out the bedroom we had so lovingly set up for her. Plus, let’s be honest, a 7 week old needs her space – she was getting super annoyed at us when Wills or Ferris would call to coo and she didn’t have any privacy.

She did great her first night and is half way through the second now. Of course, we are still figuring out the baby monitor – both nights we grabbed the not quite charged enough one and it decided to red alert us that the batteries were out in the middle of the night. Sweet.

Maile took a nap in her crib today and I tried to capture a video of her in full effect. Unfortunately, my “hey-the-baby-is-sleeping-you-need-whisper” voice level isn’t quite there yet, so I woke her up. Sound is a little soft on this one…

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