The Mixed Race Project

by Papa K on October 16, 2011

One of the shots from Jenna Park's Mixed Race Project

One of the shots from Jenna Park's Mixed Race Project

A couple month’s ago a good friend of Christine’s reached out to ask if we’d be interested in participating in a photo project that a friend of hers was working on. The photographer, Jenna Park, was hoping to take photos of mixed race families at their homes. From Jenna:

The Mixed Race Project is a glimpse inside the homes and lives of some of these multiracial families. I didn’t want to focus on taking traditional portraits – there is certainly enough visual documentation on the beauty of mixed race people out there already – but I felt that portraying families in the context of their homes made a stronger impression of how we live.

We thought it would be fun to participate and a couple months ago during a visit to San Francisco, Jenna came by our apartment for about an hour and took pictures of Christine, Maile and I going about our day. We painted, played bubbles and hide and seek, and ate lunch. A pretty typical Saturday and we all had a lot of fun. Jenna also asked Christine and I a bunch of questions about how we grew up and how we think about raising Maile.

The result is a great photo essay that Jenna put up on her web site: The Mixed Race Project. You can find our family’s entry directly here: Christine & Matt’s Family.

We’re very happy with how things came out and look forward to seeing where Jenna takes the project next!

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