by Papa K on July 11, 2017

This morning I stirred at 6:10 AM. I quietly walked over to Maile’s room and opened her door. She was on her bed doing some Chinese exercises on the iPad (her latest move these days since she wakes up so early).

“Hey, would you like to snuggle for a bit?”

(Big smile!)

“Yes, Daddy I would!”

It might have been her birthday, but it made my whole day.


As I was tucking her in tonight, she looked up at me.

“Good night daddy, thank you for an awesome birthday.”

She was mostly excited about her presents, but still, I’ll take it.


Maile at 8 is definitely in between. Growing up fast. Driving us a little crazy along the way. So. Damn. Smart. But still our little girl. Often in ways that delight and sometimes in ways that frustrate. An incredible big sister … and every once in awhile … not. Gaining confidence every day, becoming more daring. Pushing the boundaries where ever they fall in both impressive and maddening ways.


On the eve of her birthday, Maile and I finished a book we’ve been enjoying – The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer Holm. One the quotes and main takeaways of the book is:

“Believe in the impossible possible.”


Happy Birthday, Maile Girl. We love you!

(Click here for the video.)

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