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Monday, December 30, 2013


by Papa K on December 30, 2013

Something really special happened on Sunday night. Around 6 PM Hawaii time, my mom texted that my Grandpa Irv (GG Irv on this blog) was completely lucid and having conversations with people. This was strange because my Grandpa hasn’t said more than a few words strung together for a few years now. We’ve visited him a few times and “introduced” him to Maile and Lauren, but other than a twinkle in his eye, there was no real acknowledgement that he knew who they were.

Well, that changed on Sunday night and it was incredible. My Aunt Julie went over to the nursing home he stays at and we were able to Facetime with him. (He was absolutely blown away by Facetime – kept asking how he can see us and if we could see him too.) Maile was able to say hi to him and told him a bit about Hawaii and he said she was such a pretty little girl and I introduced him to Lauren as well.

GG Irv gets a good look at Lauren, his youngest great grand daughter!

GG Irv gets a good look at Lauren, his youngest great grand daughter!

I then got to speak with him for about 10-15 minutes along with my folks and Aunt Julie. It was surreal. He told some jokes (“I’m 95!? I look at least 30 years younger than that!”), talked about how much he loved his children and was proud of them and complained about work. It didn’t all make sense all the time, but just hearing his voice again and having him acknowledge all of us was such an amazing gift.

I have no idea what it all means, but it was just nice that I got to really introduce him to my girls and that he acknowledged them. It was special.

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